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Know the Benefits of Wood Doors as Replacement Doors

Are You Considering Replacing Your Entry Door?

When it comes time to replace your entry door, consider the benefits of wood doors. With a wide range of entry doors on the market, it can be hard to make a decision. If you’re looking for a classic, timeless look, consider a wood door. While they do require some maintenance and care throughout the years, wood doors are still a common choice for homeowners.

This month we’re going to explore the many benefits of wood doors for your home or business. As we mentioned already, wood doors give a classic look to any property. Coming in many stains and styles, wood doors are perfect for any home or business.


Learn More About the Benefits of Wood Doors

There are quite a few benefits to having wood doors as an entry door. While some home and business owners are off-put by the needed maintenance, we urge you to consider the advantages. Some of these include:

Durability. Wood doors are solid wood, meaning that they are incredibly durable. This will help them to last against regular wear and tear, harsh weather, and more.

Style. Wood doors come in many stains and grains. If you want a lighter look, go with a deep, rich brown. You may also find lighter tans and brown shades to brighten the exterior of your home or business. In many cases, you can change the color of the door as you please.

Uniqueness. Pella mentions that no two wood doors are alike. Because of custom grains from various woods, like cedar or oak, unique doors are common. Choose wood entry doors with glass windows, too, for added style and personality.

Insulation. The DIY Network reminds us of the benefits that insulation provides. Wood doors are thick, making them energy-efficient, noise cancelling, and durable.

Security. As mentioned, wood doors offer proper insulation and thickness to keep your home or business safe. They are more difficult to break down or push through than other materials.

After considering these added benefits of wood doors, make a stop at National Window & Door. Our team will be happy to show you our inventory of wood doors. We offer quality products from brands like Pella, Masonite, and more.


Remember that Wood Doors Require Maintenance

Unlike vinyl or aluminum doors, wood replacement doors do require maintenance. Be sure to keep up with sealing and staining to keep your entry door looking great. Neglected wood doors may peel or warp, making them less durable.

The DIY Network article mentioned above reminds wood door owners that sealing protects from moisture and rot. Make sure to seal the door every few years to ensure it has proper protection.


Signs that it’s Time to Replace Wood Doors

Wood doors can last for decades, but may vary depending on the type of wood. Some signs that it’s time to replace wood doors include:

  • Warping
  • Moisture damage
  • Pest infestation
  • Excessive peeling
  • Green or black stains on the door
  • Large, deep cracks


If you notice any of these signs, then it’s time to start looking for a new entry door. While keeping up with regular maintenance can prevent some of these things from happening, weather and other damage can occur. Plan a visit to our showroom in Christiansburg, VA, to find a new wood door for your home or business.


Tips on Keeping Wood Doors Looking Great for Years

There are a few ways to keep your wood door looking great for many years. As we stated above, some wood doors can last for decades – hardwoods up to 60 years! This means that with the right maintenance, you can save money on replacement doors.

One way to keep your door looking great is cleaning. If you notice dirt or grime on the door, do not wait to clean it. Using warm water and a small amount of dish soap, you can scrub off dirt and other stains. We suggest using a cloth or soft sponge to avoid scratching the door.

Another way to keep the door in its best condition is sealing. Sealing is incredibly important for any wood items, especially entry doors. Most sealants can last two to three years, but always read the directions to know for sure. Sealing the door can keep away water damage and moisture, pests, and other potential damage.

Finally, staining the door every few years will keep your wood door looking beautiful. As the door ages, it may fade due to UV rays, weather, and simple wear and tear. Staining the door will keep the color even and vibrant. Not to mention that having an elegant entry door can boost curb appeal.


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