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Learn More About the Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Are You Looking to Update Your Siding? Try Vinyl

Are you considering making the switch to vinyl siding for your home or business? This month we’re going to explore its many benefits. With a variety of siding materials on the market, it can feel overwhelming. What will look best on your home? Which material will last the longest? How much maintenance does this new siding need? All of these questions may enter your mind, and it’s good to know the answers before making the decision.

Vinyl is a great option for any home or business. It comes in many, many colors and styles, perfect for any landscape. Whether you want a subtle gray, or a bright yellow, there is a vinyl siding option for you. It is also low-maintenance and easy to care for. If you are looking for more information on vinyl siding, we’re here to help.


Vinyl Siding Has Many Benefits for Homes and Businesses

Vinyl siding has many benefits for home and business owners. Some of these benefits include:

Doesn’t need painting. As The Spruce reminds us, this type of siding doesn’t need painting. It will hold up its color for many years. This could be a problem for those who like to change the color of their house from time to time.

Low-maintenance. Vinyl siding doesn’t require much maintenance. If you notice algae or stains, simply use soap and water to clean it off.

Affordable. The Spruce article mentioned above lets readers know that standard fiber-cement siding can be twice the cost of vinyl.

Rust-proof. Unlike aluminum or metal, vinyl is rust-proof. This helps your home or business to look great for years to come.

Long-lasting. Home Advisor mentions that this siding option can last upwards of 40 years with the right care. Our salespeople will be happy to discuss maintenance with you.

If you are looking to make the switch to vinyl siding, visit National Window & Door in Christiansburg. Our sales staff will be happy to discuss additional benefits of vinyl siding.


Vinyl Options Are Incredibly Low-Maintenance

As we mentioned above, vinyl siding is incredibly low-maintenance. Virtually weather, UV ray, and rust-proof, you may wonder if the siding needs maintenance at all. If you notice dirt, algae, or other stains on the siding, make sure to wash it off. Using soap and water is the best way to remove stains and keep the siding looking great.

One thing about vinyl siding that many owners enjoy is that it doesn’t need painting. However, cracks and chips may occur as time goes on. It’s best to check over the siding for these cracks to avoid moisture or pests sneaking through. Replacing the panel is the best way to repair this problem.


Vinyl Siding Comes in Many Colors and Styles

Vinyl siding is popular for its versatility. It comes in many colors and styles, including clapboard and Dutch lap, to suit any property. Whether you’re looking for bright yellows and blues or standard tans and grays, there is vinyl siding in that color. Vinyl also doesn’t peel or need sealed over time, making it a convenient option for busy home and business owners.

One thing to keep in mind about vinyl siding is that it doesn’t need paint. This allows your home or business to look great for many years. However, if you like to frequently change the color of your home or business, vinyl isn’t the best option. The sales staff at National Window & Door in Christiansburg can help to find the perfect siding option for you. Visit us for affordable siding sales and much more.


Learn More About Clapboard Siding Options

Clapboard siding is a common style option for homes in the New River Valley and beyond. It is horizontal, and usually uses long and narrow boards. Clapboard is made from wood, but is also available in vinyl. This is a great option for those who do not want the maintenance of wood siding. You can still enjoy the look of clapboard siding, just without the high cost and maintenance.


Change it Up with Dutch Lap Siding in the New River Valley

Dutch lap siding is another classic siding option in the New River Valley region. Dutch lap siding is also horizontal, but overlaps creating a unique look. Because it’s made of vinyl, Dutch lap siding works well in most climates and is incredibly durable. If you’re looking for Dutch lap siding sales in the Christiansburg, VA, area, visit National Window & Door.


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