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Benefits of Fiberglass Doors for Homes and Businesses

Are You Looking for a New Entry Door in the New River Valley?

When looking for a new entry door, consider the benefits of fiberglass doors. When there are so many options out there, like wood, vinyl, and steel, it may be difficult to make a decision. This month we’re here to explain the many benefits of fiberglass doors and how to make that decision.

Entry doors must meet multiple requirements for home and business owners. Some of these include efficiency, security, durability, and style. Fiberglass doors may surprise you when you see just what they have in store.


Consider the Benefits of Fiberglass Doors

Like any door option, there are many advantages when it comes to fiberglass doors. If you are considering a variety of options, keep these in mind as you browse:

Durable. Fiberglass doors will not warp, rot, or peel after weather exposure. They also do not fade as easily as other options.

Better energy efficiency. Fiberglass doors are well-insulated, keeping your home or business feeling comfortable year-round.

Secure. DIY Network finds that fiberglass doors are even more secure than some steel models. They do not dent or crack easily. Because they do not warp or peel, the door will remain well-fitted to the casement, too.

Many styles available. Fiberglass doors can come in an endless amount of styles, textures, and colors to best suit your home. Unlike options like vinyl, home or business owners can paint or stain fiberglass doors later on.

Affordable price. Fiberglass doors are much more affordable than wood or other door materials.

If you’re still not sure about fiberglass doors, talk to the staff at National Window & Door. We can work with you to find the perfect door for your home or business.


Fiberglass Doors Can Hold Up in Any Climate

In most cases, home and business owners look for entry doors that will last for years and years. This means that with the right maintenance, the door will not warp, rot, peel, or crack.

The climate and the elements have a lot to do with how your door will hold up over the years. Strong UV rays, hail, strong winds, and other weather can cause great destruction to the door. When choosing fiberglass, you may be surprised at how well they hold up. Bob Vila mentions that fiberglass doors can withstand just about any temperature and weather, along with corrosion and insects. Those in Virginia may benefit from fiberglass doors during warm summers and freezing winters.


Increase the Energy Efficiency at Your Home or Business

When choosing a new door, it’s essential to consider energy efficiency. If your existing door is old, warped, or has old windows, you may lose energy without even knowing. The air from your HVAC system can slip through, causing you to turn up the heat or air conditioning. If you notice an increase in your energy bill, it may be time to take a look at your doors and windows.

Fiberglass doors are properly insulated and can keep air from slipping through. Because they are essentially weather-resistant, there is no need to worry about warping, either. Warped doors may leave gaps that also allows air to slip through.


Fiberglass Doors Are Low-Maintenance

During the search for a new entry door, be sure to consider maintenance. Will you want to regularly seal and stain the door? What about scrubbing dirt and grime off seasonally to lessen the chance of rust or rot? With a fiberglass door, you won’t have to worry. Simply cleaning with soap and water will remove and dirt or grime, and there’s no reason to worry about rust.

We mentioned briefly that fiberglass doors are virtually pest-resistant. This is also an important part of maintenance: checking over for holes and cracks that insects and pests create. With fiberglass doors, you won’t have to worry about unwanted guests sneaking through or damaging the door.


Find the Perfect Style, Texture, or Stain with Fiberglass

The look of an entry door says a lot about your home or business. Would you opt for a bright, wear-free door, or the look of a chipped and rotted door? Fiberglass doors make this decision simple. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles, including wood grain. If you are someone who likes to change it up, no worries. Fiberglass doors can be repainted or stained over time.

National Window & Door offers fiberglass doors from great brands like Therma-Tru, Plastpro, and Masonite. We know that you will find the perfect fiberglass door to fit your property.


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