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Replacement Windows: Vinyl vs. Wood Windows

Are You Looking to Replace Your Windows?

When looking for replacement windows, consider vinyl vs. wood windows. There are many things to think about when replacing your existing windows. Some of these factors may include maintenance, durability, longevity, and style. Vinyl and wood replacement windows are a common option for many homeowners. You may wonder, does it really matter which one I choose? Our answer: yes. Even if you think classic wood window frames are what you want, you may realize that vinyl, or even neither, will work for your home.

This month we’re going to consider the benefits and disadvantages for vinyl and wood replacement windows. We hope that you explore the many pros and cons before making a decision.


Benefits of Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl is a common material option for windows, doors, fences, and flooring because of its low-maintenance quality. Unlike wood, vinyl will not chip, splinter, or become warped in extreme climates. Vinyl windows come in many colors and styles to best suit your home.

They are also incredibly efficient and can keep your HVAC system stay regular. Many vinyl window frames are insulated and work well to keep hot air in and cold air out, and vice versa. This efficiency can factor into a regular utility cost, as well.

Vinyl windows are much more affordable than other options. According to HomeAdvisor, vinyl window prices run around $150-$400 per window. Replacing windows can get incredibly costly, so if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, vinyl is the way to go. Bob Vila found that six vinyl replacement windows cost over $1,000 less than six aluminum windows. This is something to consider when doing your initial research.


Disadvantages of Choosing Vinyl Windows

You may read the benefits above and feel that vinyl windows are the perfect replacement window options for you – but remember to consider the downsides. No matter how perfect a window option may seem when looking in a showroom or reading online, there are always some issues that can come up.

One disadvantage of vinyl windows is that they cannot change colors. You may think, great! I won’t have to worry about touchups and repainting later. Which could be true, but remember this when choosing your color and finish. If you choose bright window frames, like yellow or pink, that will be the color of your windows until you replace them again – which will hopefully be in many, many years.

Another disadvantage is that vinyl windows can fade over time. That vibrant white may look dingy once it comes time to replace the windows again. Consider our above note about not being able to change the color when it comes to fading. Choosing lighter, neutral colors may help to combat this.


Are Wood Replacement Windows a Better Option for Your Home?

Now that we’ve covered the bases on vinyl, it’s time to talk about wood windows. Wood replacement windows are a classic choice for any home. Wood comes in all types of colors and stains; which homeowners can update whenever they want. They are also extremely durable and can hold up in weather and age.

The Window Price Guide reminds consumers that wood options come in various different styles. Some popular options are plain wood, clad, and synthetic exteriors. Synthetic options help with insulation and can promote better efficiency in your home.

A final advantage we’d like to mention is a simple one: no other material can duplicate the look of wood. If you are looking for a classic or rustic look for your space, wood windows are the way to go. They are easy to stain and maintain, providing style for decades.


Consider Maintenance for Wood Replacement Windows

Like all replacement window options, wood windows do have disadvantages. One of these being maintenance. Wood windows are prone to moisture and rot, and can quickly go bad without proper maintenance. Remember to seal and properly stain windows to keep them looking great.

Another con worth mentioning is price. Compared to vinyl, wood replacement windows are much more expensive. The HomeAdvisor article mentioned above notes that wood windows can range from $200 to $300 per window. While this isn’t too far off of the vinyl price, it’s something to keep in mind while planning your budget.


Vinyl vs. Wood Windows: Which Will You Choose?

Now that you know more about vinyl and wood replacement windows, which will you choose? There are many things to consider when choosing windows, like price, maintenance, and even the style. Each work with the other, so it’s best to explore your options before choosing on one style or option of window. When it comes to vinyl vs. wood windows, there are many things to consider when making that purchase.


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