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Learn More About Garage Doors for Your Home

Are You Looking to Upgrade Your Existing Garage Door?

Are you looking to learn more about garage doors for your home? As garage doors age, they can become obsolete and worn. It is amazing how much curb appeal a new garage door could add to your home. There are many different materials, sizes, and styles that can better suit the aesthetics for your space, too. With all of these things to consider, where do you begin?

If you are ready to update your garage door, you’re in luck. This month we are going to explore the different factors that go into purchasing and installing a new garage door. Three important things to remember are the material, the size, and getting a professional to install the door. This will help to make sure your wants and needs are met throughout the process, and that your home is safe.


Choosing the Right Material for Your Garage

As we mentioned, one of the most important factors of choosing a garage door is finding the right material. There are many different options, including vinyl, metal, wood, glass, and composite. Depending on your style and what you use your garage for, the material does matter. This Old House breaks down the different types of garage doors and their benefits:

Vinyl: Vinyl or fiberglass options are a great choice for those who use their garage to work, hangout, or as a living area. Vinyl has great insultation to help regulate temperatures inside the garage. With little maintenance required, vinyl garage doors are a perfect option for any home.

Metal: Metal or steel are common choices for garage doors due to its durability. Remember, though, that metal can rust in sea-side or very humid climates. To avoid rust, some homeowners may choose aluminum options. Pay attention, though, to upfront cost vs. maintenance costs when choosing a material.

Wood: Wood is a classic garage door option that can fit many rustic-style homes. Wood can come in virtually any color when properly painted and treated.

Glass: Glass isn’t as common but is still a sleek option for your home. Due to its weight, these doors require stronger springs. Those with young children or pets may not be comfortable with glass doors because of their fragility. Consider any needed maintenance to keep them clean, too.

Composite: Composite is another well-insulated option that doesn’t crack or dent.


Keep Size in Mind When Choosing Garage Doors

Another important factor to keep in mind is size. While you will of course need a door that fits the garage, size can come up for different reasons. Certain styles of doors may come in specific sizes and will not fit your garage. Before settling on a style, be sure to read about the dimensions and if this style will work right for your home.

The Spruce mentions that “standard sizing” can range from eight feet to 20 feet. Getting the correct measurements when choosing your door is essential to its performance. This is another big reason to hire a professional for the process, but we’ll get more into that later.


Importance of Insulation in Your Garage Door

As we mentioned above, some garage door materials, like vinyl and composite, have better insulation than others. HomeAdvisor reminds homeowners that a lack of insulation can increase heating and cooling costs. A poorly insulated garage door can also allow pests to get in and can promote moisture. If you use the garage as a workspace or somewhere to spend your days, be sure to find a properly insulated door. You will immediately see how much more comfortable your garage becomes.


Consider Added Maintenance to the Door

When choosing a garage door material and style, keep in mind what kind of maintenance it will need. We covered some pros and cons of materials, and one thing to think of is rust. Metal and steel doors are very common, but they do need attention to keep rust at bay. Wood garage doors can peel or warp, leaving your garage door open and less durable. Regularly inspect the door, especially as seasons change, and keep up with weather-proofing. If you notice any issues with the door, you may need to replace it in order to keep your home and family safe.


Get a Professional for Garage Door Installation

The final tip we can provide for our customers is to find a professional for garage door installation. Garage doors have many intricate parts to them. These all ensure the safety of those who will use it. One wrong hookup or incorrectly installed spring can cause the door to drop, whether it be on a vehicle or even on a person. If you regularly use your garage door to enter and exit the home, it needs to be secure.

National Window & Door’s installation team has the proper experience and skill to get the job done. When you choose us for garage door installation you can trust that we will put your safety first.


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