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Sunrooms and Porches to Add Value and Curb Appeal

Are You Looking for Ways to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space?

If you are looking for ways to upgrade your outdoor space, consider sunrooms and porches. Sunrooms are a great way to add an indoor getaway for you or your family. Similarly, screened-in porches can add solace on rainy or mosquito-ridden days. The right windows can also help to keep these spaces comfortable year-round.

If you aren’t sure whether a sunroom or porch is right for your home, we encourage you to read on. This month we’re going to explore the benefits of sunrooms and porches and help you make that decision. It’s important to consider size and budget, too, to make sure everything is just right. Home improvements can be made easy with simple additions like sunrooms and porches.


Sunrooms Can Provide Added Entertainment Space

One thing many homeowners love is entertaining. Imagine that you have planned a wonderful gathering for your friends and family. You have great food and drinks planned. However, it starts to rain the morning of, and your yard is too wet to set up. Instead of cancelling, you can easily move it indoors to your new sunroom.

Sunrooms come in different types to suit different needs. Better Homes and Gardens defines sunrooms as basic sunrooms, four-season rooms, and screened-in porches. Basic sunrooms are accessible from indoors and are attached to the house. Four-season rooms are sunrooms that have the proper insulation for year-round use. Screened-in porches do not typically have glass windows but screens instead.

Now that you know the different types of sunrooms, which will you choose? Any type of sunroom can provide added entertainment space during inclement weather or for a cozy night in.


Additional Benefits of Sunrooms

Besides adding entertainment space, sunrooms can have additional benefits for your home. One being the added resale value. Remodeling Magazine found that in 2015, a $75,000 sunroom added a $36,000 increase to the home’s value. Imagine the payout on these home improvements if you are considering an addition.

Another benefit of sunrooms is the increase in natural light. If you are a green thumb or just enjoy sitting in natural lighting, a sunroom is perfect for your home. A four-season sunroom can allow for year-round use, too, giving you the chance to enjoy the sunshine on an otherwise chilly day. The team at National Window & Door can discuss your ideas with you and help to choose the best sunroom for your home.

A third benefit worth mentioning is that sunrooms can fit anywhere on your home that has adequate outdoor space. Whether you choose a large sunroom off the kitchen for entertaining, or a small one off the master bedroom, the possibilities are endless.


Get More Use of Your Yard with a New Porch

Along with sunrooms, porches are another way to add value and convenience to your home. Porches can provide an extra space for entertaining and can add as your comfort zone on those warm summer evenings. Set up with a few chairs and a grill, and you will be good to go! Our team can create beautiful porches to match any style of home. We regularly build vinyl, composite, and wood porches in the New River Valley.

One problem with a standard porch is that they provide no solace from bugs. Mosquitoes, bees, and other flying or stinging insects can make you stay inside on those beautiful days. A way to combat this, besides immense amounts of bug spray, is to add a screen.

National Window & Door also offers screened-in porches. As we mentioned above, they are similar to sunrooms, but have screens instead of glass. This makes them obsolete in the colder months, but will add a safe, bug-free space in the spring and summer. Screened-in porches typically have indoor access and are the perfect addition to any home.


Choosing Between a Screened-in Porch or Sunroom

Now that you know the differences between screened-in porches and sunrooms, which will you choose? Sunrooms are a great way to stay somewhat outdoors year-round. The proper insulation and heating and cooling can make the room a comfortable space even in the winter months. Do you regularly entertain or like to spend a lot of time outdoors? A sunroom could be the best option for you.

Screened-in porches are mainly for spring, summer, and early fall use. If you’re looking to build a new porch or add a screen to an existing porch, reach out to National Window & Door in the Christiansburg, VA, area. We will be happy to discuss your options.


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